St Andrew’s Anglican Church interior, Westbury, Tasmania

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St Andrew’s Anglican Church interior, Westbury, Tasmania


Anglican, James Blackburn, carving, Church of England, convict, Gothic, Gothic Revival, memorial, Ellen Nora Payne, pointed arch, pulpit, rood screen, St Andrew’s Anglican Church, stained glass, Tas, Tasmania, tracery, Westbury, woodcarver.


The interior of St Andrew’s Church of England (Anglican) in the small Tasmanian town of Westbury continues the Gothic Revival style of its exterior.  The nave was designed by the convict architect James Blackburn (1803-1854) in 1840-02. Of particular note are the various carvings by Tasmanian woodcarver Ellen Nora Payne (1865-1962) of Hobart, who had been born in the Westbury district. These include the pulpit which was carved in London sometime between 1901 and 1906, and the ‘Seven Sisters’ rood, or chancel, screen completed in 1938 as a memorial to her seven dead sisters. The screen features a recreation of tracery common in Gothic windows. Other Gothic features are the large pointed arch east window with tracery made up of three lancet windows with stained glass, lancet windows in the north and south walls, and the internal pointed-arch doors and doorways.

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October 20, 2012


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