Window of Roman-era Saints, St David’s Cathedral, Hobart, Tasmania


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Window of Roman-era Saints, St David’s Cathedral, Hobart, Tasmania


St Alban, Anglican, armour, blind arcading, column, finial, Gothic, heraldry, Hobart, lancet window, St Laurence, plate armour, pointed arch, Roman Empire, Romanesque, St David’s Cathedral, shield, stained glass, St Stephen, sword, Tas, Tasmania, tracery.


The Window of Roman-era Saints is in the south wall of St David’s Anglican Cathedral, Hobart. The large pointed arch window with stonework tracery is made up of three lancet windows with stained glass. Each lancet window features a Saint martyred during the rule of the Roman Empire: St Stephen (died c. 34), St Alban (3rd century), and St Laurence (c. 225-258). St Alban is depicted as a knight from the late middle ages in plate armour, an embroidered tunic, and wearing a sword. The saints stand upon a tiled platform of Gothic stonework featuring columns, blind arcading, pointed finials, as well as Romanesque semi-circular arches. Below each of the platforms is a heraldic shield.

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October 6, 2012


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