Helen Hickey, University of Melbourne
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Dr Helen Hickey holds a double major degree in History and Sociology from La Trobe University, as well as a B. Litt (Hons) degree in Medieval English Literature from the University of Melbourne. Her PhD, at the University of Melbourne, focused on the Everyday in the poetry and administrative documents of the early fifteenth-century Privy Seal clerk Thomas Hoccleve.

Joanne McEwan, UWA
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Dr Joanne McEwan is an Early Career Researcher at The University of Western Australia, where she also teaches history and medieval and early modern studies. She was awarded her doctorate in 2009, and her own research focuses on eighteenth- and early nineteenth-century social, crime and gender history in Britain. Her publications include the edited collection (with Pamela Sharpe) Accommodating Poverty: The Housing and Living Arrangements of the English Poor, c.1600-1850 (Palgrave Macmillan, 2011) and a forthcoming chapter on male authority and domestic violence in Governing Masculinities in the Early Modern Period: Regulating Selves and Others, edited by Susan Broomhall and Jacqueline Van Gent.

Shane McLeod, UWA
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Dr Shane McLeod holds an Honours Degree and PhD in History from the University of Western Australia and an MA in History and Archaeology from Uppsala University. He is currently President of the Australian Early Medieval Association. His research is focussed on migration, settlement, acculturation and identity during the Viking Age, particularly in Britain. His first monograph The Beginning of Scandinavian Settlement in England: The Viking Great Army and Early Settlers, c. 865-900. SEM 29, will be published by Brepols in 2013.

David Urry, University of Wollongong
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Dr David Urry holds an Honours Degree and a PhD in Communication from Murdoch University and a Masters in Medieval and Early Modern Studies from the University of Western Australia. He is currently a researcher and part-time Arts Faculty member at the University of Wollongong. David is also interested in stained glass artisanship, 'From Romanesque to Contemporary,' at a practical hands-on level.

Digital Project Management:

Bree Carter, BA (Hons), UWA
Digital Project Manager
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Bree has a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in History from the University of Western Australia.