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Europa Re-enactment Association Inc.


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Europa Re-Enactment Association Inc. are a living history group based at Springwood in the Blue Mountains, New South Wales. The group focus on the period of Viking rule of the city of Jorvik (York) in northern England from 876-954. They re-enact such cultural activities as craft, cooking, clothing, combat, building construction, and weapon making. Combat includes archery, swords, shields, armour, and helmets. The group also performs for school groups and at re-enactment events. Their website, made by Wiccy, includes basic maps on Viking settlement in England, a gallery, and useful articles on making such things as Viking ovens, huts, and shields, a Bibliography for those wanting more information about Viking life, and a comprehensive 'Links' page.

The groups logo features the early tenth-century Viking cross from Middleton, North Yorkshire. The ring-headed Celtic cross features a Scandinavian ring-chain pattern and a warrior sitting on a throne with two swords and a spear. A raven, a bird commonly associated with the Norse war god Oðinr (Odin) flies from the cross.

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