St David’s Cathedral tower, Hobart, Tasmania


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St David’s Cathedral tower, Hobart, Tasmania


Anglican, George Frederick Bodley, buttress, crenellation, gargoyle, Gothic, Gothic Revival, Hobart, lancet window, parapet, pointed arch, St David’s Cathedral, spire, Tas, Tasmania, tower, tracery, turret, Alan Cameron Walker.


The square bell tower of St David’s Cathedral, Hobart, was completed in 1936 after the foundation stone had been laid in 1892. The cathedral was designed in 1865 by English architect George Frederick Bodley (1827-1907), and the tower may have been part of his revisions in 1891. However, Hobart architect Alan Cameron Walker (1864-1931) was also involved in the design. The stone tower is in the Gothic Revival style and includes a crenelated parapet, lancet windows, a corner turret topped by a spire, buttresses, a pointed arch doorway, window tracery, and gargoyles.

George Bodley was a well known architect working in the Gothic Revival style, and in particular he was influenced by late medieval architecture from England and northern Europe. His best known work is perhaps Magdalen College, Oxford. 

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