Round tower, Port Arthur, Tasmania


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Round tower, Port Arthur, Tasmania


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This small round tower is part of the Military Complex at the penal colony of Port Arthur, Tasmania. The complex is situated in a prominent position overlooking the harbour. It is the third military complex on the site and was built in 1847, with the central tower built in 1836. Both were built during the rule of Commandant Charles O’Hara Booth (1800-1851) and they are situated next to the Commandant’s House which he had built. The complex was
built with convict labour. No doubt in part due to practical considerations, the Military Complex resembles a medieval castle, with the central round Guard Tower flanked by two smaller round towers, all of which are topped by
crenelated parapets. The towers are separated by a strong stone wall. As can be seen in this photograph, the towers were made to be used. The small round tower was entered from the rear and was large enough to accommodate a guard who would be able to look out over the harbour and shoot down on anyone approaching. The crenellation would provide some protection.

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