“Robin Hood” (comic opera)

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“Robin Hood” (comic opera)


Comic opera, Conservatorium, Crusade, Government House, Reginald De Koven, light opera, music, New South Wales, NSW, opera, performance, Richard I, Robin Hood, Royal Botanic Gardens, Harry B. Smith, Sydney, Sydney Conservatorium of Music, Sydney Morning Herald.


This piece titled “Robin Hood” in the ‘Amusements’ section of the Sydney Morning Herald newspaper appeared on June 30, 1928. It brings to attention a new production of the comic/light opera Robin Hood at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music in the Royal Botanic Gardens, formerly the stables of Government House. Elsewhere on the same page in the ‘Music and Drama’ section there is a complimentary article to remind readers of two previous seasons of the opera, and to discuss the opera’s origins and style. The ‘rustic’ opera by Americans Reginald De Koven (music) and Harry B. Smith (libretto) was written in Chicago in the 1880s and, according to the newspaper article, features comic treatment of the characters of the Sherriff and Sir Guy. The opera is based on the popular adventures of the outlaw Robin Hood and is set in Nottingham, England, during the reign of Richard I (the Lionheart) during his time abroad on crusade.

For the article see http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article28052740




Sydney Morning Herald


June 30, 1928


Sydney Morning Herald


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