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Esk Festival


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The Esk Festival, also known as the Brisbane Valley Festival, is an annual single-day event held in the Queensland town Esk. A major component of the festival are displays of ‘Living History & Medieval Re-enactments’ which take place all day on the ‘Field of Honour’. The festival website promises Celts, Saxons, and Vikings, and medieval re-enactment groups who performed at the 2012 festival were The Knights of Germanica (Holy Roman Empire from 1360-1410), Scions of Mars (15th century knights), Ormsgard Dark Age Village (hunters and traders of 400-1000), Damascus (Crusader Knights Hospitalier), Saga Vikings, Rafnheim (late migration age Northern Europe), and Black Wolf (Crusades). The groups dress in period costume, perform with weapons, and re-enact other aspects of medieval culture such as trade, village life, and pre-Christian religion.

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