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Black Wolf re-enactment group


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Black Wolf is a living history/re-enactment group based in the Queensland town of Allora. They are focus on the Crusades and Crusader experiences in the Middle East during the twelfth and thirteenth centuries. Their leader is ‘Duke Robert IV’. The text on the Black Wolf website emphasises the multicultural nature of the Holy Land (referred to as Outremer: Fr. outre mer, over-seas) and the merchant caravans travelling the Silk Road from China. Two famous medieval explorers, Marco Polo and Ibn Battuta, are also mentioned. The multicultural interest of the group can be seen in their members, whose characters are French, Turkish, Irish, Danish, and English. The gallery on the website highlights the martial aspects of the group, with members dressed as knights in chain mail and helmets fighting with swords and shields.

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