Rognvald’s Lith: Lismore Medieval Re-enactment Society

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Rognvald’s Lith: Lismore Medieval Re-enactment Society


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Rognvald’s Lith: Lismore Medieval Re-enactment Society is a re-enactment group founded in 2003 and based in Lismore, New South Wales. The group concentrate on the period 700-1200 and such peoples as Anglo-Saxons, Normans, Rus, and Vikings. Combat and weapon training with swords, spears, axes, staves, shields, javelins, archery, chain mail, and helmets is carried out. Rognvald’s Lith (Rognvald’s troop) do public performances, including educational performances for schools.

The group is named after Rognvald Ingvarson, a commander of the Varangian Guard (who fought for the Byzantine Empire) from Sweden. The club’s banner is based on the serpent design of a eleventh-century runic inscription in Uppsala that Rognvald had made. Their website includes photographs of the runestone, as well as other designs based on Viking Art, including the ‘gripping-beast’ motif.

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