Malt Kiln, Boag’s Brewery, Launceston, Tasmania


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Malt Kiln, Boag’s Brewery, Launceston, Tasmania


Beer, James Boag, Boag’s Brewery, buttress, column, dragon, Esk Brewery, knight, Launceston, malt kiln, Queen Anne Style, Romanesque, St George and the Dragon, sculpture, semi-circular arch, Tas, Tasmania, tower.


The 1886 malt kiln of the Esk Brewery of James Boag and Son (Boag’s Brewery) is in the northern Tasmanian city of Launceston. The façade is in the Queen Anne architectural style and includes a number of medieval features, such as buttresses, corner towers, and Romanesque semi-circular arches. The medieval aspects of the building are enhanced by the bas relief sculpture of St George and the dragon. St George is depicted as a medieval knight wearing armour and a helmet and sword. He is riding a horse which is trampling a winged dragon.

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November 18, 2012


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