Memorial Board, St Andrew’s Anglican Church, Westbury, Tasmania


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Memorial Board, St Andrew’s Anglican Church, Westbury, Tasmania


Anglican, carving, Church of England, finial, Gothic, Gothic Revival, memorial, Memorial Board, niche, Ellen Nora Payne, pointed arch, St Andrew’s Anglican Church, Tas, Tasmania, tracery, Westbury, woodcarver.


This memorial board of the ‘St Andrews Memorial Endowment Roll’ is in St Andrew’s Church of England (Anglican) in the small Tasmanian town of Westbury. It was carved by the Tasmanian woodcarver Ellen Nora Payne (1865-1962) of Hobart, who had been born in the Westbury district. As befits a church built in the Gothic Revival architectural style, the memorial board includes Gothic touches, primarily in the central panel. The carving of the Virgin and Child is housed in a Gothic niche featuring a pointed arch ending in a decorated finial. Behind the arch is the representation of two Gothic pointed arch windows with tracery forming a cross. There is also a finial on both vertical ends of the board.

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October 20, 2012


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