Gothic Bird Cage and Castle Bird Boxes


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Gothic Bird Cage and Castle Bird Boxes


Pearl Anderson, bird box, bird cage, Cameo Alpacas and Garden Art, castle, column, crenellation, Deloraine, drawbridge, Gothic, Elod Gunther, parapet, pointed arch, spire, Tas, Tasmania, tower, Woodbridge.


These wooden bird boxes and bird cage were created by Cameo Alpacas and Garden Art, a company run by Pearl Anderson and Elod Gunther and based in Woodbridge in southern Tasmania. The bird cage on the right is in the Gothic style that was commonly employed in ecclesiastical architecture in Europe between the twelfth and sixteenth centuries. The body of the bird cage is four decorated columns supporting pointed arches. This is topped by a tower and a tall spire. The two bird boxes are recreations of medieval castles, complete with towers and crenelated parapets. The entrance to the castle includes a possible representation of a bridge or drawbridge, which the bird could sit on. The photograph was taken at the Tasmanian Craft fair held in the town of Deloraine.

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November 4, 2012


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