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Archer Family Coat of Arms


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The Archer family coat of arms was designed by William Henry Davies Archer (1836-1928), the second surviving son of William Archer, who established the Brickendon estate near Longford. The coat of arms was designed whilst William H.D. Archer was studying at Cambridge between 1856 and 1863. The arms feature a white shield with a cross topped by a medieval helmet and a bear’s claw holding three arrows. The shield includes a bunch of three arrows in two of its corners, and a bow in the centre. Below the shield is a motto in Norman French, the language of Normandy in Northern France that was spread to England and elsewhere during the medieval period by the Normans. The motto roughly translates to ‘The End Crowns the Work’.

This photograph was taken at the front desk of Brickendon Estate.

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McLeod, Shane


September 26, 2012


Photograph taken by permission of the Archer family


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