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King of Spain_Western Mail_24 May 1902_p24.pdf
This article from the Western Mail relates news from London regarding the end of the Spanish regency in 1902 when Alfonso XIII assumed his full powers as Spain’s king at age 16. The article begins by informing readers that on 18 May 1902, the…

New Bishop Consecrated at Brilliant Ceremony_The Argus_29 October 1936_p10.pdf
This illustrated article from The Argus provides an account of a ceremony in St Paul’s Cathedral (Melbourne) to mark the consecration of William Herbert Johnson as the Bishop of Ballarat in 1936. It describes the procession - consisting of the…

Medieval Justice had Strange Ways_The Argus_5 October 1939_p17.pdf
This article from the Junior Argus section of Melbourne newspaper The Argus describes what the author regards as 'strange' methods for ascertaining guilt or innocence in the medieval past. Short of finding reputable people to swear to a…
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