"New Bishop Consecrated at Brilliant Ceremony," in The Argus.

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"New Bishop Consecrated at Brilliant Ceremony," in The Argus.


Anglican, Anglicanism, Ballarat, Ballarat diocese, Bishop of Ballarat, Bishop William Herbert Johnson, cassocks, cathedral, ceremony, choir, Christ Church Cathedral, Church of England, clergy, consecration, cross, crozier, Litany, medieval scenes, oath, procession, St Paul’s Cathedral, surplices, Vestments, Victoria, VIC.


This illustrated article from The Argus provides an account of a ceremony in St Paul’s Cathedral (Melbourne) to mark the consecration of William Herbert Johnson as the Bishop of Ballarat in 1936. It describes the procession - consisting of the cross-bearer, the cathedral choir, priests from the Diocese of Ballarat, 100 clergy from the Diocese of Melbourne and a number of other Bishops and their attendants - from the Chapter House into the Cathedral, followed by details of the sermon, preached by Bishop Stephen, the oath, the Litany, the donning of Episcopal vestments and the consecration. The ‘stained glass, light gleaming on cross and crozier, the scarlet, black and white of episcopal vestments, and the sombre purples, whites and blacks of cassocks and surplices’, the author claims, ‘gave a richly medieval air to St Paul’s Cathedral’.




National Library of Australia: http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article11930833


The Argus


29 October 1936


National Library of Australia