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The Travelling-Foodies blog includes an entry made on June 15, 2012, titled ‘Robin Hood of Regional Tourism!’. The entry reports that the Tourism Channel were providing free websites for small regional towns, helping them to promote their…

Viking Unsweetened Milk Western Mail 891899.pdf
An advertisement on page 15 of the Perth newspaper ‘Western Mail’ on September 8, 1899. The advert is for unsweetened milk made by Henri Nestle in the ‘highlands’ of Norway and sold by Preston and Co. in Fremantle, Western…

Wool Types in Australia Total 1500_The West Australian_6 December 1952_p10.pdf
In this article about wool sales in 1952, Australia’s marketing methods are described as medieval. T. G. Hunter, a Professor of Chemical Engineering at Sydney University, is quoted advising that wool should be marketed in a few uniform grades…

Image of a trade mark designed by William Wolfen & Co. for James Hennessy & Company Liquor. Depiction of an armoured knight's arm wielding a battleaxe.
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