Vikingism Lecture


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Vikingism Lecture


Costume, Denmark, horned helmet, lecture, Lego, Legoland, myth, Shane McLeod, Ring Cycle, shield, sword, University of Western Australia, UWA, Viking, Vikingism, Richard Wagner, Warrior


This photograph was taken during the final lecture of the 3rd year undergraduate unit The Vikings at The University of Western Australia. Although the unit focuses on the history of the Viking Age (c. 790-1100), the final lecture dealt with popular appropriations of the Vikings, or Vikingism, from the mid-nineteenth century. The lecture covered such topics as Wagner's Ring Cycle, novels, comics, art, music, and the recent films Thor and The Avengers. In the photograph the lecturer, Dr Shane McLeod, wears a t-shirt with an image of an unkempt warrior wearing a historically inaccurate horned helmet. Behind him is a slide showing a Lego Viking warrior with a sword and shield and also wearing a horned helmet from the Viking display at Legoland in Denmark, demonstrating that the horned helmet myth is also popular in Scandinavia where the Vikings originated.


McEwan, Joanne


31 May 2012


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