‘The Black Knight’

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‘The Black Knight’


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This detailed action photograph of two knights jousting was taken at the Blacktown Medieval Fayre by Richard Taylor in 2011. Considerable attention to detail is evidenced by quality gear and trappings. Note the blunt headed lance and knightly accoutrements. The combatants shown here are members of Full Tilt, “a world renowned quality jousting outfit,” that could have been extracted from the pages of a novel by Sir Walter Scott. The knights in this photograph wear plate armour, which fits with the rising popularity of jousting tournaments in the fifteenth century. By this time plate armour had largely replaced chain mail as the protective garment of choice for knights. The black colouring of the armour adds to the theatricality of the event.

The Blacktown Medieval Fayre is billed as “a world of medieval magic,” and is part of the annual Blacktown Fiesta, an eight day extravaganza hosted by Blacktown City Council. It is just one of several interesting medieval events held throughout the country at different times of the year.


Taylor, Richard


21 May 2011


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