Building a Cathedral. Progress at St. Mary's.

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Building a Cathedral. Progress at St. Mary's.


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In this newspaper article from The West Australian, the author describes progress on the building of the eastern part of St. Mary’s Cathedral in East Perth in June, 1929. He describes the Gothic design of the architecture as a particularly English style dating from the period 1370-1550, characterised by “a perpendicularity given it by the extensions of the chief mullions in the windows on to the arches and the addition of horizontal bars or transoms to divide the long lights”. The style is also notable, the article suggests, for its “great window spaces”. In the second half of the article, the author likens the intricate stonework of the 25 masons employed to work on the cathedral to that of guild journeymen building village cathedrals in the middle ages.




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The West Australian


Saturday, 1 June 1929, p.7.


The West Australian


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