A Knight in The University of Sydney Commem Day Parade, 1937

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A Knight in The University of Sydney Commem Day Parade, 1937


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Hyperlink to a photograph of a Sydney university student participating in the “Commem Day” street parade in 1937, taken by renowned Australian photographer Sam Hood. The student in the photograph appears on horseback and dressed as a medieval knight, complete with chainmail and a helmet. “Commem Day” was an annual procession orchestrated by students at The University of Sydney. It began as an impromptu concert performed by students waiting to have their degrees conferred in 1888, but developed into a separate festival involving a parade through the streets of Sydney in the early twentieth century. The last “Commem Day” parade was held in 1975.


Hood, Sam


State Library of New South Wales, Digital Order No. hood_14975


State Library of New South Wales, Hood Collection part I: Sydney streets, buildings, people, activities and events, c.1925-1955


19 May 1937


State Library of New South Wales


Hyperlink; Digitised photograph - 1 film photonegative (copied from original nitrate photonegative)