Evandale Village Singers present Henry Purcell’s ‘King Arthur’


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Evandale Village Singers present Henry Purcell’s ‘King Arthur’


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This poster advertises two performances of Henry Purcell’s ‘King Arthur’ by the Evandale Village Singers in late October 2012 at St Andrew’s Anglican Church in Evandale. Henry Purcell’s ‘King Arthur’ is a Restoration-period opera set in the early medieval period with a libretto by John Dryden. It was first performed in 1691. The plot deals with Arthur, king of the Briton’s, and his battles against the incoming Saxons, which historically would have taken place in the fifth or sixth centuries. The text mentions the Anglo-Saxon deities Woden and
Thor (Old English Thunor), as well as the Norse goddess Freya.

The Evandale Village Singers are choir based in the northern Tasmanian town of Evandale who formed in 1999. For more see http://www.anca.org.au/choir-view/1302


Evandale Village Singers


October 1, 2012


Evandale Village Singers



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