Boer War Memorial, Launceston, Tasmania

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Boer War Memorial, Launceston, Tasmania


Arched window, blind arcading, Boer War, Boer War Memorial, Gothic, heraldry, kite shield, Launceston, lion, lion passant, memorial, monument, niche, Norman, pointed arch, sculpture, shield, statue, Tas, Tasmania, war memorial, Sylvanus Wilmot.


This memorial commemorating troops from Northern Tasmania who participated in the Boer War, referred to as the 'War in South Africa' on the monument, was erected in 1904. It can be found in City Park in the city of Launceston and was made by the local stonemason Sylvanus Wilmot. The memorial is inspired by medieval ecclesiastical Gothic architecture, and features a pointed arched ‘window’, blind arcading, and statues. There are four niches that in a Gothic church would usually contain statues of saints, but here they instead contain statues of soldiers. The statue of a woman on top of the memorial holds a wreath and a kite, or Norman, shield. The heraldic shield features a lion in the passant position.


McLeod, Shane


August 26, 2012


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