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A close-up image of one of the neo-gothic lancet windows at St Mary's Roman Catholic Cathedral.

About St Mary’s Roman Catholic Cathedral:

St Mary’s Roman Catholic Cathedral is a neo-gothic cathedral located in Perth, WA. It was…

An image of the entrance to the Anglican Chapel of St. Mary and St. George, featuring its large traceried window, solid buttressing and twin towers.

About the Chapel of St. Mary and St. George:

The Chapel of St. Mary and St. George was…

This small round window above the altar in the New Chapel at New Norcia bears the Cross of St Benedict in stained glass. A cross dominates almost the entire frame surrounded by the letters C. S. P. and B. These letters denote the Latin phrase…

Universitys Coat of Arms_Western Mail_16 January 1930_p25.pdf
Following a request from the University of Melbourne for a coloured copy of its coat of arms to incorporate into a stained glass window, this article informs readers that the University of Western Australia had commissioned George Kruger Gray, an…
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