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University’s Coat of Arms


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Following a request from the University of Melbourne for a coloured copy of its coat of arms to incorporate into a stained glass window, this article informs readers that the University of Western Australia had commissioned George Kruger Gray, an English authority on heraldry, to redesign its crest and coat of arms. The blazon, or written description, of the new coat of arms is quoted in the text of the article as: “Arms: Party chevron-wise sable and gold, in the chief two open books having buckles, straps and edges of gold and in the foot a swan all sable”. This describes a shield that is divided into two by a chevron line, featuring two open books with gold edging against a black background above the line, and a black swan against a gold background below the line. It differed from the previous version by substituting the full chevron for a dividing line where it had previously been and also by replacing the conventionalised white swan that had been coloured black with a heraldic black swan. George Kruger Gray’s version of UWA’s coat of arms and its other historical variants can be viewed at:





National Library of Australia


Western Mail


16 January 1930, p.25


Western Mail


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