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Viking Song.pdf
A poem included in the ‘Poems and Rhymes’ section on page 4 of the Adelaide newspaper ‘The Register’ on August 31, 1918. The poem evokes the Norse gods Odin and Thor in its imagery of shipbuilding, specifically modern steel…

The Viking - Register 25-9-26.pdf
A poem by J.A. Fort published in the UK magazine The Spectator and reprinted on page 5 of the Adelaide newspaper The Register on September 25, 1926. The poem describes the attraction of going on a Viking raid by ship, including the knowledge that if…

The Viking.pdf
A poem advertising the film ‘The Viking’ on page 6 of the Darwin newspaper, the Northern Territory Times on July 24, 1931. The poem mentions historical Viking Age Danish kings Gorm and his son Harald Bluetooth, and other terms associated…
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