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This elaborate staircase window in a converted St Kilda mansion is probably by Ferguson & Urie and dated c.1884. The window depicts a red-cloaked and fully armoured St George standing on the head of a dragon. Images of St George and the Dragon were…

An image depicting the interior of St. Mary's Cathdral in East Perth with its gothic arches and high windows.

About St Mary’s Roman Catholic Cathedral:

St Mary’s Roman Catholic Cathedral is a neo-gothic cathedral located in…

Arched windows at Bethany Church of God on Raglan Road in North Perth. The Church, designed by architect J. Hine, was originally built in 1913, and has received further renovations in 1935 and in more recent years.

Arched windows at St. Matthew's Anglican Church, a heritage listed building located near James Street in Guildford, Western Australia. Built in 1873, it is the third of three churches to be built on the same site (the others being built in 1836 and…
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