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On Keira (16 June,1910), p. 39.jpg
This intensely nostalgic medieval poem by E. J. Brady “is most distinctive for its unapologetic insertion of the chivalric into the local”, which becomes the source of unintended humour (Louise D’Arcens, Old Songs in the Timeless…

The Ballad of Sir Anopheles (18 June, 1908), p. 40.jpg
The hero of this poem, as the name Sir Anopheles hints, is a mosquito. The author here humorously stages an encounter between man and mosquito as a drawn-out battle between a recumbent Ogre and an intrepid and undaunted medieval knight. It is clear…

This photograph was taken during the early part of a plenary paper by Louise D’Arcens of the University of Wollongong titled ‘Comic Medievalism: Why and How the Middle Ages make us Laugh’. The paper was presented at the PMRG/CMEMS…
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