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Finucane-Higgins_Western Mail_6 February 1930_p36.pdf
This article from the wedding column of the Western Mail gives an account of the wedding of Josephine Higgins and Kevin Finucane at St Mary’s Cathedral on 6 January 1930. The bride’s dress is described as a picture frock of soft white…

An article promoting tourism to the Evercreech Forest Reserve in Tasmania. The reserve is home to "the famous White Knights, the tallest white gums in the world - more impressive and taller than the Big Trees in the Styx Valley."

This atmospheric engraving from 1887 in The Illustrated Australian News depicts the gothic architectual style, including crenellation and turrets, of the 'Old Convict Church' at the penal settlement of Port Arthur in Tasmania.

Hobart Gazette Van Dieman's Land Advertiser 1825 Poem.pdf
A poem featured in The Hobart Town Gazette and Van Diemen's Land Advertiser, which conforms to lyrical and bardic poetic traditions. It has medieval and classical undertones in both style and language.

Undergraduate unit ‘Fictions of History’ offered at the Hobart campus of The University of Tasmania (Coordinator: Dr Rosemary Gaby). The unit investigates how the past is represented in literature and includes Sir Walter Scott’s…

Article in the Examiner newspaper, Launceston, from June 29, 1949, p. 7. The article includes a photograph of the recreated Viking ship the Ormen Friske, and a short report on her arrival in Stockholm for the World Sport Exhibition. The Swedish-built…

Modern Viking 5-9-53.pdf
A short article with photograph on page 22 of the Hobart newspaper ‘The Mercury’ on September 5, 1953. The article reports the recent activities of the World War Two Norwegian resistance hero Lief Larsen. The article describes Larsen as…

VikingGalleyOffUK Examiner26749.pdf
A newspaper article on the front page of the Launceston newspaper Examiner on 26 July, 1949. The article reports on the voyage of the replica galley ‘Hugin’ from Denmark on its journey to Broadstairs in Kent, England. The Hugin had a…
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