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Ancient Viking Ships Queenlander 26532.pdf
An article on page 46 of the Brisbane newspaper The Queenslander on May 26, 1932. The public interest piece reports on the decision of the Norwegian government to reconstruct the Viking-Age Gokstad ship from the pieces recovered during excavation. It…

VikingShip MorningBulletin 31194.pdf
An article on page 3 of the Rockhampton, Queensland newspaper, Morning Bulletin on January 31, 1894. The article by J.O. Dawdson acts as a popular history of Norway during the Viking Age. It provides the meaning of the term ‘Viking’…

Article in the Examiner newspaper, Launceston, from June 29, 1949, p. 7. The article includes a photograph of the recreated Viking ship the Ormen Friske, and a short report on her arrival in Stockholm for the World Sport Exhibition. The Swedish-built…
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