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Viking Song (25 August, 1910), p. 3.jpg
David McKee Wright draws inspiration from the journeys of the Vikings across the North Sea in this poetic martial ‘ditty’ that brims with national pride: Australia with her bright hair glowingHas her eye on the furrows of the deep [...]…

One of three photographs of domestic roof-top adornments in Lyttleton Street, East Launceston. The ornament on this roof creates a sea serpent effect, with its body coiling along the roof line and its head raised to look over the roof. Also known as…

A member of the public dressed as the iconic wizard Gandalf from J. R. R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings at the Perth Medieval Fayre. Like the Merlin figure in Arthurian legend, the character of Gandalf is a sage. He harbours power through wisdom…
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