Saint Andrew's Cathedral, Sydney - George Street Entrance


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Saint Andrew's Cathedral, Sydney - George Street Entrance


Anglican, Arched windows, Edmund Blacket, crenellation, gargoyle, Gothic, Gothic Revival, New South Wales, NSW, stained glass, Sydney, tower, tracery, saint, saints, Saint Andrew, St. Andrew, St Andrew


St Andrew’s Cathedral on George Street in central Sydney was consecrated in 1868, making it the oldest cathedral in Australia. The Anglican cathedral was designed by the English architect Edmund Blacket, who later became the colonial architect to New South Wales. The building is in the Gothic revival style, and features gargoyles, pointed arched windows, stained glass, crenellation, towers, and tracery. Unusually, due to the ease of access from George Street, the Cathedral is now entered through the less grand east end and the interior has been reorientated accordingly. This photograph shows the new entrance.


McLeod, Shane


February 6, 2012


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