Coat of arms, Government House, Sydney


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Coat of arms, Government House, Sydney


Armour, Edward Blore, castle, crenellation, Gothic, Gothic Revival, Government House, Greenway Building, helmet, knight, Latin, Mortimer Lewis, motto, New South Wales, NSW, Royal Botanic Gardens, sans mal, sculpture, stained glass, sword, Sydney, tower, tracery, turret, warrior


These photographs show a coat of arms on the exterior of Government House in the Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney. They feature a male and female knight/warrior, both with a sword and wearing armour. The female, possibly Joan of Arc, is also wearing an open-faced helmet. The Latin motto Sans Mal translates as ‘without malice’.

Government House was designed by the English architect Edward Blore and supervised by the Colonial Architect Mortimer Lewis. The House is in Gothic Revival style and resembles a castle, complementing the earlier castle-inspired stables (Greenway Building). The building, completed in 1845, is highly decorative and features extensive crenellation, turrets, towers, stained glass, and tracery.


McLeod, Shane


February 4, 2012


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2 x Digital Photographs; JPEGs