St Hubert’s Vineyard, Coldstream, Victoria

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St Hubert’s Vineyard, Coldstream, Victoria


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St Hubert’s vineyard in Coldstream, Victoria, was founded by Hubert de Castella in 1862. It is named after St Hubert, the ‘Apostle of Ardennes’ and patron saint of hunters. Born c.656, Hubert was the eldest son of Bertrand, Duke of Aquitaine. He was a prominent member at the Court of Neustria in his youth and later (after fleeing to the Eastern Frankish territories) at Pepin of Heristal’s Court in Austrasia. He is believed to have increasingly prioritised hunting over religious observance, which culminated sometime soon after his marriage (682) in a vision of a stag carrying a shining cross between his antlers. The stag told him to transform his ways or he would go to hell. Henceforth, he distributed his wealth amongst the poor, renounced his dukedom, was ordained as a priest, founded a number of monasteries and engaged in missionary work until his death in c.727. In homage to this legend, the St Hubert’s Vineyard emblem features a stag and a cross.


St. Hubert's




St. Hubert's



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