Gledden Building, Perth, Western Australia


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Gledden Building, Perth, Western Australia


Arched windows, Art Deco, Harold Boas, Chicago, Commercial Gothic, crenellation, buttresses, Robert Gledden, Gledden Building, Gothic, New York, parapet, Perth, tower, Tribune Building, University of Western Australia, UWA, WA, Western Australia.


The Gledden Building is in the Perth CBD and was designed by architect Harold Boas. It was built in 1937 and 1938, and is named after Robert Gledden who had gifted the land that the building is on to The University of Western Australia in 1927. The building is in the Art Deco style, and was inspired by New York skyscrapers and the Tribune Building in Chicago. The style of the building has also been termed ‘Commercial Gothic’ and the upwards trajectory of the building is similar to that found in Gothic churches. Medievalist features include a parapet and a nod towards crenellation at the top of the building, whilst the two-storey corner tower includes semi-circular arched windows in the top storey and buttresses.

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