‘The Quest’ Range Wine Labels, Chalice Bridge Estate

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‘The Quest’ Range Wine Labels, Chalice Bridge Estate


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‘The Quest’ is a wine range produced by Chalice Bridge Estate winery in Margaret River, Western Australia. The name evokes the Arthurian legend of the Quest for the Holy Grail, and this medieval association is enhanced by the elaborately illustrated Templar Knights that feature on the five individualised labels contained within the series. The Knights Templar formed what was probably the most powerful and well-known of the Christian military orders in the medieval period. The order was endorsed by the Catholic Church in the early twelfth century and was particularly active during the Crusades, before it was forcefully disbanded in the early fourteenth century. The immense power of the Order at its height and speculation about it’s suppression fuelled rumours that members of the Order had discovered (and re-located) the Holy Grail. Each of ‘The Quest’ wine labels depicts a knight dressed in the distinctive outfit of the Knights Templar – the red Cross of St George on the breast of a white tunics – complete with chainmail, a sword and a shield that also features the red cross. Each of the knights strikes a different pose; three are engaged in combat and two are resting.

The Chalice Bridge Estate can be found at http://chalicebridge.com.au/


Designer: Daniel McKeating, Studio Lost & Found, Western Australia: http://www.studiolostandfound.com

Illustrator: Skye Ogden - Tokyo, Japan: http://www.skyeogden.com.


Chalice Bridge Estate: http://www.chalicebridge.com.au/




Chalice Bridge Estate Limited, Margaret River, Western Australia (http://www.chalicebridge.com.au/)


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