St Mary’s Cathedral, Sydney


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St Mary’s Cathedral, Sydney


Basilica, Catholic, Gothic, Gothic Revival, Hennessy, Hennessy and Co, minor basilica, New South Wales, NSW, pointed arched windows, rose window, spire, stained glass, Sydney, tower, tracery, William Wardell, saint, Mary, St. Mary, St Mary, Saint Mary


The present St Mary’s Catholic Cathedral was designed by English architect William Wardell, with minor changes made by local architects Hennessy, Hennessy and Co. Although the foundation stone was laid in 1868, the cathedral was not completed until 2000 when the spires originally planned by Wardell were finally built. The sandstone building is the largest church in Australia and is unusual in being orientated north-south rather than east-west. In 1930 the cathedral was granted the title of minor basilica by Pope Pius XI. It is in Gothic style with pointed arched windows, spires, towers, stained glass, tracery, and rose windows.

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