Church of the Holy Cross, Morawa

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Church of the Holy Cross, Morawa


bell turret, Catholic, church, Church of the Holy Cross, dome, Gothic, John Cyril Hawes, Italy, Morawa, pointed arch, Sienna, turret, Tuscany, WA, Western Australia


The Catholic Church of the Holy Cross in the small rural Western Australian town of Morawa was built to the design of Monsignor John Cyril Hawes. The stone church features bell turret, dome, and Gothic pointed arches. Writing for the Cathedral Chronicle, Hawes said that the design was inspired by 13th century churches in the Sienna area of Tuscany in Italy. This was in part due to the similarity in climate.

For more on the architecture of Monsignor Hawes see John J. Taylor, Between Devotion and Design: The Architecture of John Cyril Hawes 1876-1956 (University of Western Australia Press, Nedlands, 2000).


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