Saracen Estates Winery, Margaret River


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Saracen Estates Winery, Margaret River


Crusade, Crusades, Margaret River, Saracen, Saracen Estates Winery, scimitar, sculpture, sculptures, shield, sword, tourism, WA, South West, south-west, warrior, Western Australia, winery, wine


This photograph is of a life-size bronze sculpture of a Saracen warrior at the entrance to the cellar of Saracen Estates Winery on Caves Road in the Margaret River region of Western Australia. The warrior is mounted and carries a curved sword, known as a scimitar, and a round shield. Saracens were first mentioned by Roman authors and in the medieval period the term was often used to describe all Arabs, or even all Muslims. They were particularly associated with those fighting the European Crusaders during the medieval Crusades to the Holy Land.

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McEwan, Joanne


24 July 20111


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