The Forum Theatre Clocktower, Melbourne, Victoria


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The Forum Theatre Clocktower, Melbourne, Victoria


Alhambra, architecture, Bohringer, Taylor & Johnson, cinema, clock tower, corbel, cupola, dome, Iberian Peninsula, Islamic rule, John Eberson, machiolation, medieval Spain, minaret, moor, Moorish Revival, reconquista, Spanish Mission style, theatre, tower, tracery, VIC, Victoria


A view of the clocktower at the Forum Theatre (formerly the State Theatre) in central Melbourne. Designed by American architect John Eberson in conjunction with Melbourne firm Bohringer, Taylor & Johnson, The Forum was originally built as a cinema palace. Completed in 1928, it is one of four cinemas that opened in Melbourne in the 1920s. The exterior of the building combines Spanish Mission and ‘Alhambresque’ Moorish Revival architecture. The minarets, cupola’s and pressed cement decorations are reminiscent of Islamic Spanish architecture dating from the eighth to the fifteenth century. The Iberian Peninsula was conquered in 711 by the Muslim army of Tariq ibn Ziyad, and the various southern Spanish States remained under Arab or Moorish Islamic rule until they were gradually reconquered by Catholic monarchs throughout the later medieval period. The reconquest ended with the conversion of Andalusia in 1492.


McEwan, Joanne


April 2011


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