Baron Tennyson Coat of Arms, Government House, Sydney


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Baron Tennyson Coat of Arms, Government House, Sydney


Baron Tennyson, Edward Blore, castle, crenellation, fleur-de-lis, Gothic, Gothic Revival, Government House, Governor-General, Greenway Building, Latin, Mortimer Lewis, lions, motto, New South Wales, NSW, Respiciens Prospiciens, Royal Botanic Gardens, sculpture, spear, stained glass, Sydney, Hallam Tennyson, tower, tracery, turret


This photograph is of one of the coat of arms on the verandah of Government House in the Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney. It features two lions covered in fleurs-de-lis, an emblem that became very popular during the medieval period and is most commonly associated with France. Above the shield between the lions is a hand holding a broken spear, The Latin motto Respiciens Prospiciens translates as ‘without malice’. The motto and broken spear suggest that this is the coat of arms of Baron (Hallam) Tennyson, son of the poet Alfred, who became the second Governor-General of Australia.

Government House was designed by the English architect Edward Blore and supervised by the Colonial Architect Mortimer Lewis. The House is in Gothic Revival style and resembles a castle, complementing the earlier castle-inspired stables (Greenway Building). The building, completed in 1845, is highly decorative and features extensive crenellation, turrets, towers, stained glass, and tracery.


McLeod, Shane


4 February 2012


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