Upper vestibule window, ‘Narrapumelap,’ Wickliffe, Victoria

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Upper vestibule window, ‘Narrapumelap,’ Wickliffe, Victoria


baronial window, John Dixon Wyselaskie, Ferguson & Urie, floral-rod pattern, homestead, initials, leaf and flower head design, medieval design, Narrapumelap homestead, roses, stained glass, VIC, Victoria, Wickliffe, window


An image of a stained glass window at the Narrapumelap homestead in Wickliffe, Victoria. The panel’s outer edge is framed by an eye-catching ‘floral-rod’ pattern in spiral form. The window is divided into three segments (l, m, r) separated by wide vertical stripes with red roses on rigid leafy stems (x 2). The window contains the house’s construction date (1873) and owner John Dixon Wyselaskie’s initials. The patterned background is an adapted medieval ‘rigid’ leaf and flower head design. The window is in a prominent position and would easily be seen by staff and clients alike. At night it would offer a welcoming glow to visitors and guests. An expensive ‘Baronial’ window such as this bears silent testimony to the wealth and social standing of its owner - in this case the pastoralist and philanthropist J. D. Wyselaskie.


Brown, Ray (photographic image)


9 January 2011


© Ray Brown