'Close Combat'

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'Close Combat'


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This is one of several ‘battle’ images from the NEMAS Easter Gathering in Armidale, NSW, in 2008. A number of medieval re-creation enthusiasts are engaged in close combat. They are armed with swords and what look to be mostly kite shields, and wear an assortment of different early medieval helmet styles. These include Norman style helmets with nasal bars and kettle hats.
The Gathering is a biannual assembly of re-enactment societies from Australasia traditionally hosted by the New England Medieval Arts Society Inc (or NEMAS). At these gatherings, members aim to recreate medieval arts and craft such as woodworking, blacksmithing, tanning, spinning and weaving, as well as arms and armour construction. The photo gallery depicts scenes of daily life: market stalls, people sitting around campfires, even a King and his attendants, as well as recreated battles.


Unknown photographer at event




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