‘The old soldier’ at the Blacktown Medieval Fayre

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‘The old soldier’ at the Blacktown Medieval Fayre


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This is one of a series of pre-action photographs taken by photographer Richard Taylor at Nurragingy Reserve in 2011. It shows an ‘old warrior’ displaying steely determination to survive a potentially dangerous encounter. The subject of the photograph is a participant at the Blacktown Medieval Fayre. He wears a chainmail hood (a coif) and shirt (hauberk or haubergeon), and a Norman style helmet. Chain mail was used extensively in the middle ages to fashion protective garments by interlocking thousands of metal rings to form a meshed material. Chainmail garments were worn by medieval knights and soldiers as body armour until chainmail was gradually superseded by plate armour in the fourteenth century.
The Blacktown Medieval Fayre is billed as “a world of medieval magic,” and is part of the annual Blacktown Fiesta, an eight day extravaganza hosted by Blacktown City Council. It is just one of several interesting medieval events held throughout the country at different times of the year.


Taylor, Richard


21 May 2011


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