Cat Roof Ornament, Lyttleton Street, East Launceston, Tasmania


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Cat Roof Ornament, Lyttleton Street, East Launceston, Tasmania


domestic architecture, architecture, cat, cats, East Launceston, gargoyle, gargoyles, Launceston, Lyttleton Street, ornament, ornamentation, roof, Tas, Tasmania


One of three photographs of domestic roof-top adornments in Lyttleton Street, East Launceston. This one features a cat. Situated on the edge of the roof over-looking the street, it is possible that the cat was in part inspired by the gargoyles that adorn many medieval gothic churches. Although a cat may not seem particularly medieval, especially in comparison to the dragon and sea serpent on other Lyttleton Street roofs, domesticated animals were sometimes portrayed as gargoyles on medieval churches. For example, the fifteenth-century gothic Notre Dame church in Noyers-sur-Serein, Burgundy, France, includes a gargoyle in the shape of a dog.


Dorey, Margaret


2 December 2011


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