The Great War Memorial Cross at St Peter’s Cathedral, Adelaide.


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The Great War Memorial Cross at St Peter’s Cathedral, Adelaide.


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An image of a Great War Memorial Cross situated in the grounds of St Peter’s Cathedral in Adelaide, South Australia. The colourful mosaic in the centre of the cross depicts a warrior armed with a shield and a lance, and draws on a number of different symbolic references to represent WWI soldiers as courageous, brave and righteous fighters. The tunic and the armour look classical, but the lance, the shield and the halo are distinctively medieval. The shield bearing the St George cross is reminiscent of those carried by knights during the Crusades, while the lance, an instrument used by jousting knights in the High Middle Ages, suggests gallantry, chivalry and honour. The halo encircling the figure’s head is a common iconographic motif in medieval depictions of saints, and the white cloak has likely also been added to symbolise virtue and righteousness.


Dorey, Margaret


3 July 2011


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