Alana Bennett - Essay on the Society for Creative Anachronism

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Alana Bennett - Essay on the Society for Creative Anachronism


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A student essay on the Society for Creative Anachronism submitted by Alana Bennett as part of her assessment for ‘ENGL2238: The Medieval in the Modern World’, a second year English unit delivered by Professor Andrew Lynch at The University of Western Australia. The author traces the origins and objectives of the SCA as a ‘Living History’ group, and discusses particularly the different levels on which the group operates. She draws a distinction between the recreational aspect of the Society’s activities on the one hand, in the sense that they provides entertainment and create a ‘joint fantasy’ amongst individuals with similar interests, and the ‘re-creational ’ aspect of its medievalism on the other, in which they “reconstruct a semblance of the Middle Ages through material culture and romanticised values systems”.

With thanks to the author for permission to include a copy of this essay.


Bennett, Alana




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