Entrance to St. Patrick's School, York, Western Australia


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Entrance to St. Patrick's School, York, Western Australia


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An image of St. Patrick's Convent School located on South Street in York, a town ninety minutes south east of Perth in Western Australia.

The school was built in 1873 by Father Patrick Gibney for the Sisters of Mercy. The Sisters of Mercy taught children of all ages, as well as music, reading and writing for young adults. When they left York, it was converted into one of the oldest libraries in WA. This building embodies features that are typically characteristic of the Gothic Revival style of architecture, which was popular in the United Kingdom, Australia and other British colonies in the nineteenth century. As an architectural style, it is based on the close examination of medieval structures, and a concern with 'authenticity' of design. This style is often symbolic of conservative qualities such as, continuity, stability, religious authority and tradition.

At present, the building is privately owned and opens as an Antique shop on weekends.


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27 November 2011


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