Saint Mary's Church, Leederville, Western Australia


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Saint Mary's Church, Leederville, Western Australia


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An image of St. Mary's Catholic Church in Leederville, Western Australia. Designed by the architect E. Hamilton and built under the supervision of E.T. Russell, the foundation stone of the church was laid by Archbishop P.J. Clune on the 6th of May 1923.

St. Mary's embodies features that are typical of the Gothic Revival style of architecture, which became prominent from the 1840s in the United Kingdom, Australia, and other British colonies. As an architectural style, it is based on the close examination of medieval structures, and a concern with 'authenticity' of design. It is often seen to be symbolic of conservative values such as, continuity, stability, religious authority and tradition. The spire, vaulted ceilings, lancet windows and ornate stonework of this building are features which are typical of the Gothic Revival style.


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29 November 2011


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