Saint Mary's Anglican Church, Middle Swan, Western Australia


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Saint Mary's Anglican Church, Middle Swan, Western Australia


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An image of Saint Mary's Anglican Church in Middle Swan between Jane Brook and the Swan River, alongside Swanleigh Hostel. It was built on land originally purchased in 1838 by the WA Missionary Society for a mission and mission chapel.

In 1839 the foundation stone of the first Saint Mary's was laid by the Governor John Hutt on the same site. The first service was held on the 29th of November 1840 by Reverend William Mitchell with Governor Hutt in attendance. However, after thirty years of faithful service, the original Saint Mary's was replaced by the current church building.

The currently standing Saint Mary's Anglican Church was designed by Mr R. Jewell and the foundation stone was laid by a Mrs Dora Ferguson in 1868. It was opened and consecrated on 10 March 1869 by Bishop Hale of the Perth Diocese.

Saint Mary's possesses features that are typical of the Gothic Revival style which was popular in Australia and the United Kingdom throughout the nineteenth century. Typical of this are its single lancet windows and arched Gothic doorways.

(Information regarding the church has been obtained from the plaque erected near the building in 2005 by Swan Parish).


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